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Voice Beyond The Hill

Voice Beyond The Hill - CD Cover

“Roznowski doesn’t so much channel the voices of his forebears as internalize them in the service of a sound – with a penchant for pregnant imagery, taut narratives, and sly chord changes as well as for seizing upon just the right – and typically wry- turn of phrase. ” — No Depression

“Roznowski is first and foremost a storyteller and the thirteen tunes here build up evocative images of a real and rural America almost an equal to the Carvers of this world.” — Americana UK

“Tom Roznowski has even improved as singer, as musician, but especially as songwriter-storyteller. In short this is a modern masterpiece. He deserves to be discovered.” — Rootstown

Track #1 – You Never Know

Track #2 – Good Square Meal

Track #3 – Devil In The Treetops

Track #4 – Doris Dingle

Track #5 – Man In Short Sleeves

Track #6 – Too Together

Track #7 – Voice Beyond The Hill

Track #8 – Hank’s There

Track #9 – Bombing Of The Berlin Zoo

Track #10 – Jim Armstrong

Track #11 – Six Days In The Jailhouse

Track #12 – She Is

Track #13 – Nine Pound Hammer