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A Well-Traveled Porch

A Well-Traveled Porch - CD Cover

This album was produced in Nashville by Brent Truitt (Riders In The Sky, Steeldrivers) and includes a number of excellent session musicians such as Robbie Turner, Joey Miskulin, and Dennis Crouch. It also marks the last recorded studio work by John Hartford (Stewed Cucumbers). The album reached the Top 25 on the Gavin Americana Chart.

“Akin to Randy Newman’s 12 Songs or James Talley’s landmark debut –forward-looking and traditional.” — Bill Friskics-Warren, Nashville Scene

“Roznowski is the consummate storyteller/narrator with uncommon insights of the common man.” — Billy Block, Western Beat

“Tom Roznowski’s masterpiece. Be it love songs or tall tales, Roznowski’s work reads like fine fiction.” — Lisa Sorg, No Depression

Track #1 – I’m Decided On You

Track #2 – Old Hound Dog

Track #3 – Perfect Woman

Track #4 – Under The Gum Tree

Track #5 – What She Told Me Not To Do

Track #6 – Passion Flower

Track #7 – Hot Grease At Midnight

Track #8 – Stewed Cucumbers

Track #9 – Whisper Baby

Track #10 – My Old Man’s Stuff

Track #11 – Turtle Wings