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This Place In Time

“This is one of those CDs that just puts a smile on your face from the first note and manages to maintain that feeling all the way through. The songs are absolutely perfect invocations of the place in both lyrics and melody. The whole album is a joy from start to finish and I can’t recommend it highly enough.” — Maverick (***** Five Stars)

This Place in Time - Tom Roznowski

Track #1 – Ballad Of Lowell George

Track #2 – Private Presley

Track #3 – Big John Newbie

Track #4 – Gravy Boat

Track #5 – Sole Leather

Track #6 – Possum

Track #7 – Lefty

Track #8 – Famous Guest

Track #9 – Heaven Of Pies

Track #10 – Right Next Door

Track #11 – Eugene Debs

Track #12 – A Vigil Of Friends