Memory Chain is a series of short films, each connected to a cirkut or panoramic photograph taken between 1919 and 1930. These photographs portray people in face-to-face community, be it a lodge meeting, a family picnic, or a military battalion. These reflect a brief instance in the lives of individuals whose names are unknown to us and whose time on earth has since passed. Remarkably, this single moment of their existence has made its way to us and perhaps offers us a chance to consider our own times - how far we've come and how far we've wandered off. 

Memory Chain is written and narrated by Tom Roznowski. The director is Susanne Schwibs. Editing and post-production by David Gonzales. 

Memory Chain is made possible by grants from The Hollie and Anna Oakley Foundation, The Indiana Humanities Council, The Indiana Arts Commission. Supprt also provided by the Indiana Historical Society and the Vigo County Historical Society.